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FAQ Residential Proxies

What are residential proxies?
General Information

Email Resiproxies

With residential proxies, you can surf the web as if you were a real person in a specific country, state, or city. Proxies are intermediaries that shield users from the rest of the web's traffic. They also hide your IP address and serve as buffers. Proxies are different IP addresses that users are given by their service provider.
The proxy IP is used to route each user's search requests from the resource server to the proxy server.
The user's actions are hidden, and their identity is kept a secret.

Other FAQ topics

What protocols do your proxies support?
General Information

All of our proxies support HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols. For a lot of businesses that need to cover a lot of goals and use cases, HTTP proxies are a good option.

What to consider before buying residential proxies?
General Information

Prior to actually purchasing residential proxies, consider the following: To precisely plan your orders to get the best price, think about how much traffic your business gets every 24 hours.

Where can I use your proxies?
General Information

Our proxies can be used with almost any application that supports SOCKS5 or HTTPS.

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